Carlo Scherer

Bernd Kneisel, Antiquitäten WIRKstatt – furniture restoration, Aschaffenburg, Germany


Antiquitäten WIRKstatt is a small company, specialized on restoration and renovation of high-value pieces of furniture. The owner Bernd Kneisel executes all accruing works by himself and supports his clients by a full service – beginning with the collection, over the faithful restoration pending delivery. As it becomes more and more difficult to get new clients, he would like to have a new corporate design, as well as a website, to increase the presence of his company in the internet, too.







As the philosophy of Antiquitäten WIRKstatt is based on quality and trust, I decided to express this by doing a clear design, combined with a very simple but effective idea: The german word „wirkstatt“ is special – it is a place where something is operating. Usually a place for furniture restoration is called „werkstatt“ (repair shop). As the two words are very close together, there was a need to make this clear – especially for the use in the Internet. So I decided to write the first part „WIRK“ in capital letters. The extra benefit is, that this way of writing makes the word appear unique. So people are also able to recognize the Name, if it is not the logotype. The second part „statt“ seems to rise out of the operating „WIRK“ part of the logo. In this way it suggests, that out of an operating power, something new is produced – a very positiv thought. To express transparency as the base for trust, I tried to keep the layout of the business papers and the complexity of the website as clear and simple as possible.