Carlo Scherer

GMUND Paper Manufactory, Gmund am Tegernsee



The DialogBox has been arisen from the idea of building a bridge between the hapic and the visual dimension of reading. Inside the box you can find, what the blinds do not see and those who see, do not feel – but both of them are united by the same content. The book invites people to face up to the theme of blindness and offers to the reader a dialog to a better mutual understanding.







There are a lot of books for those who see, but only less for blinds. Particularly there is a want of high quality braille books, because beside the visual dimension of a book, the haptical one is completely underrated. The DialogBox consists of two pop-opened and connected clipcases. One of them contains the book of those who see and the other one keeps one ready for the blinds. So both worlds are connected. The content of the books is equivalent. The box and the books are made out of high quality paper to offer an optical appeal for those who see, as well as it gives a precious haptic to demonstrate respect for the blinds. This matter is supported by
embossings, which you can find at the chapter pages. They concern to the content and do reflect the two dimensions as well. The DialogBox is committed thematically and unifies a several writings of a literal genre. Because of this, the concept is also thinkable as modul – with one box for any genre.


Carlo Scherer, Maria Geyer
Lisa Schulze Oechtering (Feine Werbung, support)