Carlo Scherer



Irish Mythes is the result of a web-course. The target was the conception and design of a complex website for an organization or institution. The aim was a convincing and inspiritional visualisation of the topic and a particular work out of a content focus. Those where the structure of the content and the concept, text and user navigation, design concept and visual development by color, typography, image and animation.


The internet is full of sites about old mythes and fairy tales. They often lead us into a world of dreamy, kitschy and esoteric humbug and bedtime stories. What we inteded to do is a professional, serious – and certainly a well designed website about the mythes of Ireland. Our main focus was a myth map of Ireland, that gives information about Irish tales and legends. The second focus concerns a timeline that gives a historical overview of Irish history in order to help the later audience to connect the historical facts with the storylines of the mythes. Further there are a lot of informal sites about theoretical aspects, that will offer a lot of knowlage about Celtic life, culture and the roots of Irish mythology.



This is the heart of the Irish mythes site. Here you can navigate through the legend cycles and their sub stories as well as you can see the places where they took place on a myth map. It is also possible to change between a current and the myth map to see exactly where this places are today.



At the maps of the different kingdoms of Ireland everything is a little bit bigger, to get a better overview to the myth places and the current street map of Ireland. If you roll over a myth point you will get information which stories took place there. With a click on those you will get a little Info text on the right side of the site.
There are also a lot of content sites with deeper navigation structures, which show more cultural, historical, geographical and analytical facts to the user.



Our second highlight is the timeline, where you can get information about all historical happenings from the beginning of the civilization in Ireland 9000 years ago up to the Middle Ages. Sometimes it‘s very interesting for people who read Irish mythes to know what happend historicly at the time the stories took place.
The myth lexicon affords the opportunity to search for names and special words that appears in the Irish mythology.



The picture gallery invites to look for interesting places as well as for pictures of the tales and heroes.
At the family tree of Irish mythology the user can research how the actors of the stories (gods and heroes) are connected with each other.


Carlo Scherer, Emre Can Kotan
Andrea Zahn (support)