Carlo Scherer

Henkell & Söhnlein – champagne producer, Wiesbaden, Germany



A new (mixed) alcoholic drink in super premium quality should be developed. Apart from the product category, a suitable product design and name should be found for it. Form, size and packaging can be chosen freely. The new brand should be unique, authentic, comprehensible and of course it should conform to the high demands of the company.



The devine fire of India (advertising text)
During the time of colonial rule over India, there used to live an English man with his faithful servant. He was very sad by this cold attitude from his master, so he decided to change his behaviour and make it the Indian way. He was waiting for the inspiration from god Agni Deva, the god of fire who gave him a brilliant idea. He filled chille essence into his masters precious rum. When his master took the first sip he fell under the spell of this delicious Drink.




We decided to do a dark rum, because statistics say that the consumption of rum has increased in recent years. All ingredients of the rum should be grown and produced in India. For the special Indian flavor, we decided to put chili in it and to call the product Jhamjhamana, because it sounds good and transports a kind of Indian feeling. The design should be noble but not excessively garish and it should also be able to express an Indian style. We did this by using the figure of the Indian god Agni Deva, who stands for fire, inspiration and enlightenment. The golden ornaments and the waxpoint on the bottle should make the product seem more valuable. The stylized chili beans are a hint for the taste.


Carlo Scherer, Laetitia Taubner, Johanna Marzik, Hanno Melchert
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schwarz (support)