Carlo Scherer

KUBI – association for culture and education, Frankfurt, Germany


The task was to develop a new corporate design concept for KUBI – a social association in the city of Frankfurt, that helps young foreign people to integrate, gives educational support and assists to find jobs. The focus was to elaborate a formal and content concerning concept for the core assets, that is able to communicate KUBIs brand idea to its target group and helps them to experience the association as an attractive brand.




Print sheet for the business cards



KUBI magazine "Moment mal!"






Guerilla action: "What are you waiting for? LAST MINUTE: Your dream job is already at the START!"




Adaption of the arrows for presentation charts


The conceptional idea is, to unite KUBIs key competences „integration“, „education“ and „job support“ in only one sign. All of those terms have to do with showing young people a way in their lifes. This leads us to the most simple symbol for direction – the arrow. Combined with the subhead „The Way guide“, the logo gets a very clear message. The People at KUBI do not only help you – they also are the best in doing this. By using the Block Berthold typeface with its irregular eges, the logo becomes more human and friendly. The green outline of the arrow with its rounded corners ads a modern and juvenile look and attentiveness to the very massive logo.
We figured out the key values „qualification“, „variety“ and „orientation into the future“ and used them for the executions.


Carlo Scherer, Katharina Jarczyk
Rolf Mehnert (Fuenfwerken, support)