Carlo Scherer

Petra Maurer-Pickenhan, KunstSalon – painting school and art gallery, Aschaffenburg, Germany


KunstSalon is a new painting school and art gallery, opened in 2014. A complete corporate design and aditional communication material like stationary, a website, flyers, and an invitation card was needed.











Petra Pickenhan-Maurer, the founder of the new KunstSalon, created a new art location in a former hair salon previously called "Salon Maurer". All renovations where made in a style meant to retain the aesthetic of the old interior furnishings and old location of the former hair salon, which was very well known in the city of Aschaffenburg. The style of the word "Salon" was taken from the former logotype and included into the new KunstSalon logo. The aquamarine accent color is also a lighter version of a color used often in the salon's furniture. As the most important design element, I chose a canvas structure which greatly reflects the function of the facility. On one hand it is a material used for painting, and on the other hand it functions as a stage where all of the design and informational content needed can play out. I also used the very distinctive form of the logo's "S" to give the design a more valuable appearance. As the target group is kind of diverse because of the different services provided by the KunstSalon (these including painting courses, art exhibitions, appraisals, and art consultation), the design needed to be friendly, clean, and professional at the same time.