Carlo Scherer

MVR Media Vermarktung Rheinland, Cologne, Germany


Media Vermarktung Rheinland (MVR) – the former "Newspaper group Cologne" is a subsidiary of the publisher and media group M. DuMont Schauberg, with a focus in the Rhineland area. Since 2014, the MVR assumes the marketing of all print, online, and mobile media for all M. DuMont Schauberg products. During this process, MVR needed a new Corporate Design for its internal and external communication for regional and national purposes.





The concept is based on MVR's ability to find appropriate media elements for its clients. The logo expresses a number of associations which maintain this concept. Generally, the square elements show marketing possibilities and the current mix of its different media. All squares follow a structure that is both compact and aligned at the same time – a hint towards the company's structured and professional work methodology. The square elements are building another larger square, which represents the view of the "larger picture" – the media mix. The rounded edges on the left side of the logo show that not all elements are equal in form – suggesting to the viewer that the MVR is also able to combine and unite different media elements within the entirety of the media mix, a necessary quality. The colored square above the open space symbolizes that the media company always works towards the appropriate solution in an individual and goal-oriented manner.


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