Carlo Scherer

IFM Immobilien AG – realtor agency, Frankfurt, Germany


Development of a corporate design, name and site fence for a new office building in Bockenheimer Landstraße in Frankfurts district Westend, that is still in progress. The aim is a better commercialization of the rooms of the building. The client later wants to charter out the office rooms to buisiness people like bankers, lawyers or tax advisors.



Logo derivation: From a street map to a location marker






Site fence



Merchandise items


The design idea is to show the advantages of the location. The building is very close to many shops, parks and daily service providers. Considering this it‘s easy to imagine the building as a connection point between those. We decided to name it “WestCon” – concerning to the good connections within the district Westend. The logo shows the connection of four Ws, outlining the crossroad where the building stands. At the same time you can see the sign as a rectengle, that is highlighting the location. We also transfered this into the design of the site fence, which shows the passing people, on a street map, how close all the locations around the building are.


Carlo Scherer, Yvonne Maleska
Prof. Claus Koch (Claus Koch TM, support)