Carlo Scherer

FH Wiesbaden – University of Applied Sciences, Germany


The University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden becomes Hochschule RheinMain. Simultaneously with the new name there is also a need to get a fitting CD. The university grows with its new name and the design should help to express the confidence of the new identity. As it is an university design it also needs to be a good representative in official matters as well as a sympathic appearence with whom the students and staff can identify with. The main values are familiarity, locality, ambition and reality awareness.





Our concept idea is “flow-together”. It is based on the thought that different elements flow into each other to be finally united. This means for our design, that the university is connected with the whole region RheinMain. On one hand, our aim was to increase the appeal for the students by giving the logo a very modern and selfconfident appearence and on the other hand, to support the new efforts of the RheinMain University to become more international as well. The attachment of the single logo letters among themselves to a new flowing form are dropping a hint to the networked process at the university. At the same time they communicate that the different campus locations are forming an integrated whole. Because its clear forms, the good readabillity and the great range of font styles we decided do use the DIN font for our design. The blue color of the logo relates do the the rivers Rhein and Main and also supports the impression of an ambitious university.


Carlo Scherer, Ingrid Prade, Lilia Mukhamedyanova, Timothy Simms
Peter Zizka (HLZ, support), Michael Lenz (HLZ, support)