Carlo Scherer

City of Wiesbaden, Germany


The city of Wiesbaden is looking for innovative forward-looking projects to get creative input and to open up new vistas for its living environment. The task was to design a creative inspiring future concept for the living environment Wiesbaden. The living environment is not only the city itself – it includes the whole space around, with all its possibilities of recreational activities, economic and privat interests.






wicary_smart home



The concept idea is, to reach the people a hand and help them to organize and live their life in a more comfortable, efficiant, sustainable and social way. There is a city development department, responsible for running the wicary platform, an crossmedial and everywhere avail- and usable software system. It offers the people and companies to connect themself with their environment and local services and it also makes information available and supports and enables activ engagement and communication. A map, based on virtual experience space for orientation and navigation, connects the user with its living environment. The citizens are no longer only passive inhabitants – they are involved in their living environment and do become a part of it.


Carlo Scherer, Eva Kohlhuber, Katharina Jarczyk
Rolf Mehnert (Fuenfwerken, support)